Jin Jiang Rainbow Hotel

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WELCOME TO Jin Jiang Rainbow Hotel

Situated at Hongqiao Development Zone - the golden west gate to Shanghai, Rainbow Hotel is a special place dedicated to you.Greater Hongqiao retains its important business position in western Shanghai as a CBD serving the demands for exhibitions, displays, office, living, dining and shopping; it also acts as a transport hub with the airport, subway, light rail, high-speed rail and various other transfer modes all connecting at this location. Currently, nearly one hundred Grade-A office buildings as well as a concentrated consulate district exist within this area. It is this multi-cultural atmosphere that enables the Rainbow Hotel from the Jin Jiang Group to provide its four-star foreign business reception service: The hotel is adjacent to the downtown area, giving guests easy access to the major scenic spots and resorts. The quick and efficient transportation options, means your business trip becomes increasingly flexible and relaxed. In addition to the unique geographical advantages, the multi-functional banquet and conference facilities provide an ideal stage for social communication, business trips, celebration activities, parties, wedding receptions and holidays.In addition to pleasant tea, the 30-storey hotel with 640 guest rooms welcomes your arrival with its brand new interior design. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city outside, you can enjoy an atmosphere filled with the delicate fragrance created especially for the hotel. PCTV system in e-Rooms provides broadband internet service as well. You may also enjoy additional services on the Executive Floor and lounge when overlooking the marvelous nightscape of the Hongqiao Development Zone.Honorable, considerable and humanistic services have been specially created to provide a warm, homely welcome.Not only wide ranging delicacies, entertainment and fitness training are provided, but also a cultural symphony is presented to you.Special care is taken so that you, playing the part of the hero on the main stage, will remember your stay forever.As per Implementation Rules of Regulation on Public Places Sanitation Administration, smoking is prohibited in all indoor areas of this venue to protect people from the harms of second hand smoke.