Jin Jiang Shengdu International Hotel

Local Information

Jin Jiang Shengdu International Hotel, located in the new and high-tech Industrial Park of Jining in Shandong Province, is seven kilometers from downtown Jining by bus. You can visit such historical places as the man-made Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal (the world‘s oldest), the Taibai Tower whose name comes from Li Bai, the great Tang poet (Li Bai is also known as Li Taibai), Tieta Temple was built in Song Dynasty and the Beihu tourist area is connected to northern Weishan Lake. Free bus ride with your air ticket, further to the west around 23 kilometers, you can easily get to the Jining Qufu Airport. It is only 25 kilometers to the hometown of Confucius in Qufu city, you can visit Confucius Mansion, the Temple and the largest and oldest family cemetery to enjoy Confucius and Mencius Culture. It’s safe and convenient to go to many cities by D trains and high-speed railway lines from Qufu East Railway Station.